WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — To commemorate Red Ribbon Week, Wheeling Park High School students are encouraging young people to lead a substance-free lifestyle.

And here’s how they’re doing it!

On Thursday, students participated in the Tie One On event in the high school parking lot.

With the support from district administrators and staff, the Community Impact Coalition and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, some high schoolers left red ribbon on all the vehicles.

The idea is to promote safe and substance-free driving among their fellow classmates.

I’m hoping they see it as a reminder basically to make smart decisions. Don’t drink and drive and don’t put other people at risk when you’ve been drinking and taking them home.

Adam Carman, WPHS Junior

I think when the students come out here and become proactive and they realize that the death doesn’t discriminate and this could happen to anybody and that this is just another sign that we put these ribbons on these vehicles. We want our fellow students and we want our community and obviously everybody to be safe and not get behind the wheel impaired.

Jody Miller, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Organizers are encouraging students who received a red ribbon today to hold onto them as a reminder as to why they need to make good decisions when it comes to substance abuse each time they either get behind the wheel or are a passenger themselves.

This year’s National Red Ribbon Week theme is “Celebrate Life: Live Drug Free.”