WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Wheeling Park High School blended their culinary and robotics skills for the statewide ‘culineering’ challenge this week.

But their machine tooling program also shared in the glory of the competition.

Pastries and programming collide in “Culineering” competition

They did the honors in creating its new traveling trophy.

The Department of Education commissioned the design, which profiles a chef in a baker’s cap…complete with safety glasses.

On one side there were culinary tools including a spatula and whisk, and on the other, gears and protractors to represent engineering.

Students and teachers called it an intense two-week project.

We weighed it for curiosity, but it was 25 pounds, this trophy. So when they handed it over to the winning team, it was shocking, the weight of this stuff.

Aaron Fedorke, Pre-engineering and Machine Tool instructor

It was like a real-world experience, like if we were a job shop and some company had contacted us about having something manufactured that they wanted to be made.

Will Fuller, WPHS Sophomore, engineer

Their culinary masterpiece was made out of aluminum and oak.

They expect it to travel across the Mountain State among the winners for another decade.