OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — After a “code red” lockdown at Wheeling Park High School last week, the Ohio County Schools Board of Education addressed concerns with protocols and the future of safety updates at the school at their meeting Monday. 

Wheeling Park High School Principal Meredith Dailer along with the building’s public resource officers commended students and staff for their handling of the situation last Thursday, but also reassured that there was no gun in the building and no credible threat to safety. 

Principal Dailer said that this situation sparked some much-needed conversations, and the most important takeaway they have gained is the importance of “See Something, Say Something.” 

”In general, we’re very thankful. It was much ado about social media nothing. Regardless, we have to take these things seriously. We have to protect our kids as best we can. We have to make the best decisions we can, given the information we have, but there are certainly things we could have done better.” 

Meredith Dailer – Principal, Wheeling Park High School

Looking into the future, they are in the process of changing all of the doorknobs and key cores on all of the doors in the school. 

From now on, Principal Dailer says that in the event that something like this should occur again, they will be putting out a conjoined statement with law enforcement and blocking off campus entrances during lockdowns to avoid any confusion or added chaos.