WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The future of students is looking bright after Wheeling Park High School unveiled the final piece of their $22 million renovations – the Innovative Learning Center. 

The state-of-the art Innovative Learning Center combines all skills that students learn throughout their time at Ohio County Schools. 

Between the Makerspace with 3D printers, the collaboration Huddles, white board Kiva, presentation space, small lab, and multimedia green room – students and teachers can live out their goal of all around, 21st century learning. 

Principal Meredith Dailer says seeing this passion project finally open makes her excited to see students flourishing in the new space. 

”Dr. Miller has a very clear vision that she wanted to bring innovative learning to Ohio County Schools, and this is really the culmination of that vision. In every single corner of the ILC, there’s something different that students can do that is outside the norm of their classroom. They could be making, collaborating, creating, engaging in technology, so it’s an incredible environment to learn.”

Meredith Dailer – Wheeling Park High School Principal

”Be it the Kiva room for Socratic learning, to the makerspace area, to the small lab – the only small lab in the state of West Virginia – we are so excited about this project being completed and so grateful for our taxpayers that made this happen for us.”

Kim Miller – Ohio County Schools Superintendent

It was also a surprise to the Wheeling Park Speech and Debate team to have this presentation space dedicated to them and their hard work as a team. 

The hope is that students take these unique, hands-on skills and use them upon graduation.