WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The 32nd Annual Christmas Basket Giveaway kicked off this morning at the North Wheeling Dream Center with a line out the door!

Families were able to get all the fixing for their Christmas Dinner and kids were able to pick out toys and clothes to make their day just as special.

Kids led First Responders around the toy room, their faces lighting up at all the toys just for them.

Bishop Darrell Cummings says many years ago he was laid off and wasn’t able to give his kids toys, but he said God provided and because of that he’s been giving back to those in need ever since.

We’re hoping to put a smile on somebody’s face. Christmas is more than toys and things of that nature, Christmas is hopefully in my mind is showing the love of God and so we’re trying to show love, we’re trying to let them know they’re not alone, try to let them know they’re not in the struggle by them self, and hopefully let them know there’s brighter days ahead.”

Bishop Darrell Cummings – Bethlehem Temple

There were 480 served with food, clothes, and toys at the event.

Bishop Cummings says they wouldn’t be able to do all this without the help of the volunteers.