Get ready to celebrate 50-years of Hip-Hop in Wheeling, WV.

The YWCA Wheeling, The Wheeling Arts & Culture Commission, and Waterfront Hall will be having it’s own own “50 Years of Hip-Hop Celebration.”

Those that attend are expected to enjoy a night filled with music, fun, nostalgia, and some history.

There also will be live performances that include members of Kaligrafe Music, artists from the Wheeling Symphony, Mr. FancyPants, Keez, J. Nice, Poetic Peth, Almighty Poe, Kelz, a few surprise guests, and many more.

The event will also feature  decade-by-decade breakdowns of the genre, starting with the late 70’s up until 2020.

Door prizes, trivia questions, and raffles for attendees will be part of the nights events.

The event will be at Waterfront Hall in Wheeling, WV on Friday December 8 from 8pm-10pm.

More information can be found here.