He’s a young man from Boardman, Ohio with a big mission, giving back to first responders.

He started First Aid Lemonade in 2021 and in just one year he has expanded past his initial 50 mile radius.

William Thomas has always had a passion for police officers, firefighters and other first responders.

So to show his support he started his lemonade stand last year to raise funds for food and treats to give out to fire departments, police officers and EMTs.

And Friday he stopped at the Ohio State Highway Patrol in St. Clairsville, and Wheeling Police and Fire Departments.

“I came down here because I normally do it for the local first responders so I wanted to do it for others.”

William Thomas – Founder, First Aid Lemonade

“When William held his first lemonade stand I probably thought OK he’ll make a few bucks, give a donation or two and that would be that but First Aid Lemonade not only is very important to William but it seems to be very important to the first responders as well.”

Colleen Thomas – William’s Mom

William got to see the ins and outs of the barracks at OSHP.
He even got to sit in a patrol car!

Then over to the Wheeling Police Department where he brought them donuts and even got to meet K-9 Ozzy.

Chief Shawn Schwertfeger says the department is so appreciate of William and what he does for first responders.

“The young man is really interested, we don’t see that as much as we’d like for young people to be interested in this career. So it’s a good day I mean it’s a good, we’re certainly busy but to take the time for somebody like William is important.”

Chief Shawn Schwertfeger – Wheeling Police Department

Next stop was the Wheeling Fire Department, they treated him like one of their own!

William also got to ride on the ladder truck!

They dropped him off at WTRF!

“This is a great treat for us, to have a visitor that has such a strong interest in the fire service to come the distance that they travel to come see us here in Wheeling. Gave him a good tour of the station and learn some things about where he’s from and had a good time doing it.”

Chief Jim Blazier – Wheeling Fire Department

As a brother to five sisters, William also gets to share his experiences with them!

His sister Brooklyn loves it!

“It’s really fun because they don’t just care about William they care about everyone.”

Brooklyn Thomas – William’s Sister

I have to say I believe William had an absolute blast in the Ohio Valley.

“Got tours of all the buildings, got to see the police dogs, and then got to do stuff in the cars. It made me feel awesome.”

William Thomas – Founder, First Aid Lemonade

As for the adventures of the future of First Aid Lemonade.

“We will continue as long as it’s a passion of his, it will be a passion of mine. So we will continue First Aid Lemonade as long as he wants to keep going and will drive wherever it takes us.”

Colleen Thomas – William’s Mom

If you want to follow along with William and First Aid Lemonade here is the link his Facebook page.