The The Upper Ohio Valley Sexual Assault Help Center is starting a new program to bring awareness of safe bars and restaurants in the valley.

With the program, employees of breweries, bars, or restaurants can get trained in bystander intervention and how to decrease alcohol facilitated sexual assault.

SAHC’s logo is a butterfly and to localize this program they came up with these three code words to use when you are in an uncomfortable situation, ‘Butterfly Shot, ‘Butterfly Wine’, and ‘Butterfly Beer.’

“I think these type of programs that allow for additional education in fields that don’t necessarily work with the sexual violence population, but could affect the sexual violent population, I think it is really important that individuals know that there are people behind those bars that know how to handle situations when they get uncomfortable.”

Ashley Carpenter – Executive Director of the Upper Ohio Valley Sexual Assault Help Center

If a bar or restaurant wants to get involved in this safe bars program you can call 304-234-1783.

SAHC will do all the training and will get technical assistance from them every six months.

They will also provide a cling on sign outside the bar, coasters with SAHC information, and posters in the bathroom stall.