WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF) — Just like other career professionals, people who work in the sales, marketing or communications industry are always looking for new ways to be successful in their field.

On Thursday, people got the opportunity to learn more about better business strategies by attending what is called Chamber U.

The Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce launched the initiative to teach members of our community about a peer-to-peer learning approach.

While at the event that took place on West Virginia’s Northern Community College’s campus, 7News spoke to the sales side of the session that focused on attitude and activity for successful sales.

In sales we all have to achieve. We’ve got to hit certain numbers for people and we do not necessarily control what those numbers are. What we control is how we get there in a lot of cases. So, attitude is first. We control our attitude 100%.
So, activity is really the key to hit achievement so that is what the class is going to focus on this year.

Mike Howard, Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce

Each session meets monthly for a total of eight weeks.

Members of Chamber U will attend Business HR and Leadership sessions in the fall at West Virginia Northern Community College’s campus.

For more information on the dates and the cost to attend Chamber U you can go to wheelingchamber.com and click on the events page.