A new prevention effort for keeping kids safe has come to the valley.

The Upper Ohio Valley Sexual Assault Center has recently been trained in “Stop It Now, Circles of Safety”

The prevention curriculum allows individuals and adults to have the tools, tips and tricks to be able to have tough conversations with other individuals that might be exhibiting questionable behaviors.

This could be used in schools, organizations that deal with children, or just if someone sees something out and about.

It focuses on relationships between adults and children.

SAHC Executive Director Ashley Carpenter shares an example.

“Maybe a teacher sees another teacher with a student that just doesn’t quite feel right, That doesn’t quite look right. How many individuals in our community feel comfortable enough to go in and have a conversation with that particular teacher, not many, it’s uncomfortable.”

Ashley Carpenter – Executive Director Upper Ohio Valley Sexual Assault Help Center

It is a two day long training that is free to the community.

SAHC encourages everyone to request this training.

You can call 304-234-1783 for more information.