The day dawned bright, sunny, and warm for voters in the Mountain State.

Polls opened at 6:30 a.m., some voters had a surprise as they went to their usual polling place, only to learn that it had changed.

At one polling place in Wheeling, at least one person came in to vote, who was turned away. They told her where her new polling place was and she took off.

Other than that, there were very few people at the polls. That may mean that they did early voting or that the interest level this time is just not that high.

“This is a quiet election, turnout wise. Especially compared to the last presidential election with all the hoopla that was going on. This year with an off year election, we’re seeing voter turnout really low. So if you get the opportunity, we encourage you to exercise your right to get out and vote,” said Ohio County Commission Administrator, Randy Russell.

“I don’t like the nastiness in it. And I don’t like the nastiness of one of the candidates, it makes me sad,” said Audry Foster of Wheeling.

They say the McKinley-Mooney congressional race has sparked a lot of interest, and so has the Ohio County Board of Education race.

If you haven’t voted yet, just remember to bring an ID. The polls close at 7:30.