A moving truck.
An outdoor playset.
A wheelchair ramp.
And t-shirts.

What do these have in common?

All are on the table to be purchased by the winnings from this month’s Show of Hands—and all will give a boost to Wheeling’s growing African-American business community.

Four owners are looking to expand and will pitch their ideas to an audience.

And if they get the most votes—they’ll have $4,000 to make it happen.

Rica Dabney is the owner of Just Me & More Salon on Market Street, but hair is far from being her only focus.

As a 14-year breast cancer survivor, she holds focus groups for patients and even makes wigs.

And that concern for her clients even extends to the steps to get up from the waiting room to her salon—which she hopes to replace with something more accessible to her disabled guests.

Being in the hair business and being in the beauty business has to be in the heart. And it’s in my heart.

Rica Dabney, Owner, Just Me & More Salon

Next up, Movers 4 You is a moving service, headed by Daniel Pearson who has 15 years of experience helping people pack up.

The Show of Hands funds would help him get a new truck and add a few more movers to his crew.

Although he’s traveled as far as Florida and Texas, he takes pride in keeping most of his work within Friendly City limits.

I’m born here in Wheeling. It was a little rough when I first started, but it seems everybody’s catching on, the community’s taken on to me. So I wouldn’t want to do it any other place.

Daniel Pearson, Owner-operator of Movers 4 You

You may not have heard of Vondell Bell’s brand VISIONARY, but chances are you’ve seen his work in schools around Wheeling.

Not only has he painted murals for Bridge Street, Linsly, Wheeling Park and more—he’s branched out into a clothing line and even rugs.

Bell is looking for a professional work space so he can be an inspiration for art-minded students.

When I was a kid, I never had a person to look up to in the art space. So now all the kids can look up to me and I’ll be willing to help out.

Vondel Bell, Artist, graphic designer

Finally, Terrika Jenkins founded Little Blessings out of a need she saw for more childcare in Wheeling.

Through adding a play area and supplies, she wants to create a safe space for the city’s next generation to grow.

The fact that the kids do not want to leave when parents come to pick them up is a strong indication that lets me know that we are operating a great daycare center.

Terrika Jenkins, Childcare provider, Little Blessings Childcare

And with just 5 dollars and a trip to Wheeling’s Artisan Center—you have the power to make one of these ideas a reality.

All it takes is a raise of your hand.

The doors open at at 6.

But if you like what you just saw, you can cast your vote during the 6:30 live stream at Wheelingheritage.org–and show how business-friendly the Friendly City can be.