WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – “He’s Alive” lives up to its reputation of being The Capitol Theatre’s most attended production in its 19th year this weekend. 

Those seeing the musical passion play filled nearly the entire theater for their final matinee performance that the 200-member cast and Heaven Bound Ministries has been working to put on since the beginning of the year. 

This production had a great turnout for their final performance on Palm Sunday where people did not miss out on the last opportunity to experience the story of the resurrection of Jesus. 

”Typically Sunday is our busiest day. A lot of people come from church, after church, and a lot of the churches provide buses that come into town for this. It really draws in a lot of people on Sundays, so it’s a nice community event for people to come in here and see Wheeling and enjoy the theater. We kind of hate to see it leave, but we know we can’t go on forever, but we know we’re going to be back next year. It’s already in the works, so we’re excited about that, and we’ll be preparing for that. In January of next year, we start, and we’ll be here again at the end of March.”

Matthew Majetich – Playing Pilate

People from all over the tri-state area and even Alabama, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey had travelled to Wheeling to see “He’s Alive.” 

If you missed it this year, they will be back at The Capitol Theatre for their 20th anniversary next year.