A beautiful brick house at 110 15th Street has a rich history, and now a promising future.

In 1853, four Sisters of St. Joseph arrived by stagecoach and established a hospital in this house.

That hospital was the original Wheeling Hospital. 

Now the Congregation of St. Joseph has gifted the property to Grow Ohio Valley.

“A big piece of Grow Ohio Valley’s mission is to build an accessible and equitable food system in our East Wheeling neighborhood,” said Executive Director Glynis Board. “The house provides a beautiful and historic location to work from. We are extremely grateful to the Congregation of St. Joseph for offering us their beloved house in East Wheeling.”

The house has at least five bedrooms, two kitchens and even some smaller rooms on the third floor.

Grow Ohio Valley officials say they may use part of it for office space, part for housing Americorps volunteers and part for hosting agri-tourism events.

Board says this house has a grand history of service to the community, having been a place where wounded Civil War soldiers were treated, and that theme of serving the community will continue.