WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Some experts say new technology is creating more opportunities for people in the workplace and for students in the classroom. 

Artificial intelligence has made many simple tasks much easier in our daily lives.  

One form of Artificial Intelligence that is becoming more well-known is Chat GPT.

The technology is a language-based model that works through various algorithms.

These algorithms are not only helping students and employees solve simple problems but it is also helping them expand their creative knowledge.

Thomas Fellows, a Chat GPT researcher, says that the technology must be incorporated into student’s lives to help them confirm the answers they come up with.  

”This is something that we’ve got to incorporate into the classroom. Now, it’s still important to teach kids to read and write, do basic math and so forth, so they can check to see if Chat GPT is correct, because Chat GPT isn’t always correct.”

Thomas Fellows – Chat GPT Researcher

Many schools and workplaces have encouraged the use of Artificial Intelligence to be used as another resource.  

Artificial intelligence such as Chat GPT is here to stay, and Fellows says that it could be very helpful if we can adapt to it.