WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you love to eat locally, there’s one magazine you may want to check out to find some new favorites.

In the current issue of In Wheeling Magazine, several markets, restaurants and events are on display. Organizations such as Grow Ohio Valley, Wheeling Coffee and Spice, Blended Homestead Farm and Figaretti’s Sauce are all local food manufacturers that help keep the Ohio Valley fresh.

For those who haven’t experienced some of the local food attractions, some to consider are the Sarah Miller House and the Wheeling Symphony Farm to Fork. Both of these locations offer food that comes directly fresh from the farm and right onto your plate.

By shopping and eating locally, citizens are directly supporting their local neighbors and building quality relationships through fresh food. 

”Even if you’re going to a local, large grocery store, the opportunities to connect with people are not all that great. But you go to a farmer’s market, you can see your neighbors, you can talk to your friends, you can meet the farmers and you can generate more and more connections with people and those connections are where everything comes from.”

David Allinder – Owner of In Wheeling Magazine

For more information on eating locally, you can purchase a copy of In Wheeling Magazine at local Kroger stores or by visiting their website at inwheelingmagazine.com.