WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) -You know how you get something stuck in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it.

7News Anchor Rebecca Little decided to go on a quest to find out if it’s “poinsetta” or poinsettia like tomato, tomatoe, potato, potatoe.

Poinsettia is spelled with an ia, but some prefer to it say it with an ah sound instead of an ee-ah sound.

In other words, if you say it with an emphasis on the ah sound the word poinsettia looks more like “poinsetta.”

Poinsettia, sounds right, looks right!

Gib Lamb

You get a few people they make up a name per say or just have a different pronuncation of the word.

Martha Schultz

I think people started saying “poinsetta” just to shorten it a little bit. I prefer poinsettia.

Kathy Heil

We say “poinsetta” here, but I used to have some customers who would pronounce it poinsettia. You don’t hear it as much these days.

Brian Gessler, owner, Laupp Florist in Wheeling

This traditional holiday house plant is typically perched on an end table or perfectly placed on either side of the fireplace at Christmastime and is native to Mexico.

Poinsettia is the plant’s common name.

Its scientific name is Euphorbia pulcherrima, which means “beautiful” and derived from Latin.

Did you know this plant is commonly known as the Christmas Star and is considered to be the official Christmas plant?

Brian Gessler owns Laupp Florist in Wheeling.

He gives us a history lesson on this popular plant and how it came to be circa 1820.

It was first introduced to the United States by our first ambassador of Mexico, a person by the name of Robert Poinsett. He brought it back to his greenhouse in North Carolina and started to grow them here and they became the most popular plant at Christmas. Oh, I think it just picked up that name along the way. A lot of different people are growing them here in the United States. One of the biggest growers is still in the state of California and used to be family owned and operated was recently changed and was bought out by a company that they’re still growing the majority of poinsettias are out of California.

Brian Gessler, owner, Laupp Florist in Wheeling

That fancy and festive plant comes in a variety of colors that range from radiant reds to wonderful whites to pretty pinks to ornate shades of orange.

And in case you’re wondering, you should keep your plant away from the heat in temperatures between 60º and 70º Fahrenheit and only water the dirt when it is dry. These plants, according to botanists, flourish best when their soil is moist, but not too wet.

We recommend that you leave it dry and that you water it pretty good, but don’t let it sit in water, don’t let the roots of it sit in water. Let it drain out of the bottom and it will usually last for about three or four or five days, again just depending on the temperature of the house.

Maybe you like “poinsetta” over poinsettia or vice versa.

Honestly, there is no right way or wrong way to pronounce poinsettia, either way is acceptable, but there is a right way to spell it, POINSETTIA.

You may want to say it both ways to help keep the dinner conversation light and feud free at the family Christmas table.