(WTRF)- The death toll in Israel climbed to at least 900 after this weekend’s violence by Hamas militants.

Israel ordered a complete siege of the Gaza Strip – where civilians and soldiers are being held hostage – and the Prime Minister says what happens next will affect generations.

Israel says it’s largely regained control of its border communities as it pounds the Gaza strip with strikes in retaliation for the bloody attack.

The US announced a number of Americans were killed in the violence – and some are still unaccounted for

“It’s truly horrifying to see the effects when people choose to be evil.”

Rabbi Joshua Lief, Temple Shalom, Wheeling

Those words came from from Rabbi Joshua Lief of the Temple Shalom Monday, reacting to Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Rabbi Lief said the Israeli people are suffering horribly.

He said there will continue to be countless casualties in the days ahead. He also said many innocent civilians will be killed because of Hamas.

“Their goal was to murder Jews for being Jewish and to try to bring about the destruction of the State of Israel. They murdered people in their homes while they slept, they beheaded folks, they kidnapped children, they forced women to march naked through the streets, they put toddlers into cages and are throwing garbage at them and torturing them. This is horrific.”

Rabbi Joshua Lief, Temple Shalom, Wheeling

The rabbi says this is a moment to remind ourselves that an attack on people because of their faith anywhere….is an attack on people of faith everywhere.

In his words, anyone who believes in freedom is under attack right now, not just Israel.

For that reason, Temple Shalom says they’re hosting an interfaith service at 7 p.m. Tuesday featuring clergy from across the Ohio Valley faith community. The public is invited to attend.