Juneteenth is a relatively new official holiday and it’s going to be celebrated in a big way in Wheeling.

There’s a whole slate of events for the entire weekend.

The main one is set for Sunday, June 19 at 5 p.m. at The Plaza On Market.

It commemorates the day when the last group of people learned that slavery was abolished.

News traveled slowly in those days.

“It was an entire two years that they were still finding pockets of people that still weren’t informed that they were freed men now, American citizens,” said Ron Scott, YWCA cultural diversity director. “It was in Galveston, Texas, that a group of soldiers stumbled upon the last group of people who hadn’t been informed, and let them know that they were now free men  and women.”

This year’s celebration is a collaborative effort between the City of Wheeling, the YWCA, the Wheeling and Belmont County NAACP chapters, the Underground Railroad Museum and Wheeling Heritage.