WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – After recent drops in temperatures, the Catholic Charities Center on Main Street in Wheeling will opened as an overnight shelter and the grand ballroom was filled with 50 beds. 

But, what would it be like to have a 24/7 structure with wrap around services and agencies for the homeless population? 

The City of Wheeling, Wheeling Housing Authority, Catholic Charities, the Diocese of Wheeling and so many others have been working for a year to make this a reality and they are calling it ‘The Life Hub.’ 

If approved, this one stop location would provide individuals with a place to walk in and have all services provided in some way for immediate care. 

”All of these things would be a location to where the individuals can get the care that they need to be able to be healthy, to be able to stay housed, and to have a roof over their head, and to be healthy individuals, productive members of society – all the things that we want for these individuals, we are hoping to see. This is a model that’s working well across our nation and is a very small percentage. I’m excited that we would probable only be the fifth in the nation that is doing this, so if this does get up and going, it is something that we would be, you know, first on the frontlines of this and watching this change happen.”

Melissa Adams – Homeless Liaison

The Life Hub would be modeled off of a hub that is soon to open called Second Chance Commons in Pittsburgh, as well as others across the country who have seen successful results. 

If approved, it is hopeful that they will work with a local community college to provide training in trades, a local hospital for medical care, and Project Hope.