Corey Vance has filmed a music video in the Ohio Valley.

The creepy, ominous music video for “Medicine” came out Monday and is circulating the internet.

The song hits home for Corey As he is battling a rare disease known as Von Hipple Lindau which causes cancerous and non-cancerous tumors to grow throughout his body.

“I want to inspire others to show them how no matter what adversity we are faced with, it doesn’t have to stop us from chasing our dreams,” said Vance.

The large production was done at the old OVMC complex in Wheeling. Vance stated, “I wanted to do everything locally to showcase that big things can be done in Wheeling with right people supporting and believing in you!”

All actors in the video are local from the Ohio Valley, some of whom are in the medical field.

The OVMC building and its impact on the community resonate strongly with Corey. His mother was a candy striper at the hospital and would tell him stories as he was growing up.

“It was exciting to shoot somewhere with so much history and importance in the lives of all of us here. I’m grateful for everyone who was a part of this history,” said Vance.

Corey Vance’s music can be found on all streaming platforms. You can watch his new music video HERE.

Information provided by creative consultant and producer Crin Joy.