WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The City of Wheeling and several partners received six design and engineering proposals from construction firms, with their visions of how Wheeling Inn should be replaced with the new visitors center.

A committee evaluated each proposal based on alignment with the current vision for the project, scope of work, schedule, potential team members, and experiences working in West Virginia.

The six proposals have now been narrowed down to 3. The final 3 firms will be interviewed by the committee this month to decide which firm has the best vision and plan for the new building.

The project is set to redefine the City of Wheeling and Executive Director of the Convention Visitors Bureau, Frank O’Brien says he is confident the committee will make the right choice.

”Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that we do this right from the start. We have an opportunity to work with really good people. We had a great team in place and if we get the right architect and the right engineering company, they’re going to have the same vision that we got.”

Frank O’Brien – Executive Director of Convention Visitors Bureau

The three firms that will be interviewed are Mills Group, Vridian, and Desmone with the final selection anticipated for mid-October.   

After this process, the Wheeling Gateway Center project team will publicly advertise an RFP for the existing structure’s environmental remediation and demolition.