WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) – After its hiatus for the past two years, the traditional Eggnog Party at Elmhurst, The House of Friendship made its return this year. 

Elmhurst residents’ family and friends have been invited to enjoy homemade cookies and eggnog for over 25 years and it is a time that residents, faculty, and staff look forward to and prepare for about a month in advance. 

This year, they asked attendees to bring a toy with them to spread the holiday cheer to children in need in our community. 

”We are starting a new tradition at Elmhurst. Instead of just having the traditional Eggnog Party where friends and family can come and visit their loved ones, we just asked them to bring a toy and it really – I’m very happy with the turnout that everybody brought.”

Chef Travis – Executive Chef, Elmhurst, The House of Friendship

”This is absolutely what we have been waiting for is to see all of this laughter, the Christmas music, our residents thrilled that their family and friends are here to participate in this, and this is what it’s all about – the Christmas season – and Elmhurst is certainly all about Christmas.”

Jamie Crow – Executive Director, Elmhurst, The House of Friendship

They baked over 600 cookies of all kinds starting in November to prepare for this anticipated event, where they had an overwhelming turnout.