The tragic death of a Memphis teacher who was allegedly abducted while going for a run, has sparked a renewed urge in safety.

Eliza Fletcher went for a run, was reported missing and was eventually found dead.

Now local advocates want to stress the importance of self defense and being aware of your surroundings.

Ashley Carpenter, who is the Executive Director of the Upper Ohio Valley Sexual Assault Help Center, says they offer free self defense classes.

Those classes stress the fundamentals of attitude, awareness, avoidance and then action.

“Utilizing attitude, awareness, avoidance, and action make an individual be perceived or looked at as less vulnerable. Making them less likely to become a target of violence.”

Ashley Carpenter – Executive Director Upper Ohio Valley Sexual Assault Help Center

The Sexual Assault Help Center offers self defense Empowerment Workshops like self defense classes, seminars, or one on one interactions.

You can call 304-234-1783 for more information.