WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Hopefully you aren’t all shopped out from Black Friday because it’s about to be Small Business Saturday. 

It’s the perfect chance to visit those local shops and find some perfect gifts for everyone on your list. As a bonus, you’re supporting businesses that help our area each and every day. 

Small businesses are one of the first places that people go to ask for donations and community support, but they don’t always see the community support back in their stores. 

Brooke Price, Centre Market Manager

So now is your chance to get into the holiday spirit by shopping and giving back. 

It might be more convenient for you to just grab some stuff while you’re at one of the box stores, but you’re not thinking about the business that contributed to your kid’s t-ball team.

Brooke Price, Centre Market Manager

Which is why plenty of communities in the Ohio Valley have events planned for Small Business Saturday, like Wheeling. One of the stops is Centre Market.

You’re gonna get that one of a kind gift that cannot be matched anywhere else here.

Eric Dye, Artist

While you’re hunting down the one of a kind pieces, you can also enjoy a variety of specials at each store.

People like that. When they come here they’re like ‘I love this because it’s different’. It’s not something you see everywhere else, so it’s a chance for them to find unique items.

Amy Cordy, V.C. Wares

Centre Market also has some special events planned. There will be music all day outside of the Market Café. Shoppers have the chance to win prizes with a scavenger hunt. The more stores you visit, the more stickers you get that can be redeemed for prizes. Artists will also be creating live at Artworks.

You’re supporting a local artist in the community and they will then continue creating and bringing work in. You’re not going to find this many local artists around anywhere else in the whole Valley.

Eric Dye, Artist

While you see it as a fun day shopping with friends or family, the stores see it as a way to say thanks for your business and make the experience in their store more enjoyable. That gift you buy in their store helps spread the word about Centre Market and could bring in some new visitors. 

We’re here to support our customers. We’re here to provide a welcoming, positive, chill atmosphere where people come in and just feel better. So, they can take that kindness out the door and just continue to spread it around because we all need more of that.

Amy Cordy, V.C. Wares

Small Business Saturday is a national day to shop local and this year Centre Market was chosen through American Express as a “neighborhood champion”, but the places to go in Wheeling expand beyond their shops.

The city and OVRTA arranged a free bus route on Small Business Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. that will get you from Centre Market to the Plaza on Market and the Artisan Center.

Shops at the Plaza on Market will be open and there will be artificial ice-skating from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m.

The Wheeling Artisan Center also has a full day of shopping with a few pop-ups added to the usual store. Their festivities begin at 8:30 a.m. with a free yoga class.

You can learn more about all three events at the Plaza on Market, the Artisan Center and Centre Market on Facebook.