WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you drive by the 10th Street Parking Garage in Wheeling, a blue-and-white striped pattern may have caught your eye.

That five-star symbol is the same as the one on the Friendly City flag—which is drawing approval well outside of West Virginia.

Wheeling’s city flag checks all the boxes for an extraordinary design

Nearly three thousand people gave that pattern an ‘A’ in an online poll by the North American Vexillological Association.

The five stars represent the different eras of the city, from indigenous tribes to the current industrial period, while the three bars show our past as a navigation hub by river, road and rail.

Mayor Glenn Elliott calls the honor a thrill, saying the flag grew out of Wheeling’s 250th anniversary celebrations.

As you can see, the three designers put a great deal of work into the symbolism, and avoided obvious choices like the suspension bridge.

Something that kids would be able to easily reproduce, something that would be memorable and using symbology rather than overt imagery.

Erin Rothenbuehler, Flag designer

And I can’t say enough about the design, the thought, the way they incorporated historical elements into the flag, and designed a really simple and elegant design that I think is going to be something we should really be proud of.

Mayor Glenn Elliott, City of Wheeling

Mayor Elliott says the city actually already had a flag adopted in 1964, but it never really caught on.

He added he’s already seeing it pop up in non-government settings, so it looks like it already has staying power on its side.

And if those colors look familiar to you in a very Mountain State kind of way, that’s because blue and gold are the state’s and WVU’s official colors.