The newest and youngest West Virginia Supreme Court justice spoke to the Wheeling Rotary Club Tuesday.

Justice Haley Bunn says most people know about the various treatment courts now operating in the state, like drug court and veterans’ court.

But the one she feels most passionate about is fairly new—Family Treatment Court.

It focuses on people facing addiction issues as well as child custody issues.

She says Family Treatment Court approaches their issues in a holistic way.

“The families also meet with substance abuse counselors, family counselors and a multi-disciplinary team put together to support these families and participants through really what are two of the biggest obstacles you could imagine as a parent—the threat of potentially losing rights to your child as well as the stronghold that addiction can have over a person and a family.”

She says circuit judges who agree to participate in these programs are to be commended.

They don’t get paid any extra, but they put in a lot of extra time and work, meeting with the families every week.

She says right now these courts exist in 14 counties including Ohio and Wetzel counties.