Many people are ready to see the progress on many fronts of the city that we have been hearing about for some time now. Specifically, the long-awaited Streetscape Project. Local businesses in the area are ready too – but at what cost? 

Wheeling: “The City Remaining Under Construction.” At least that is what it seems like if you drive on our roads and walk on our sidewalks. However, at the State of the City Address, Mayor Elliott announced that the Streetscape Project is set to go underway later this year.

He also announced that they have received three bids with a $31.9 million low bid for this project nearly 7-years in the making to finally see this project flourish with new paving, sidewalks, trees, and more. 

We spoke with business owners in the community to hear their thoughts on the project that could change business in Wheeling forever. 

Grant Coleman, owner of Mugshots, says that they opened at the start of COVID, and have not known what business is like without construction downtown. He is concerned about the time and lack of parking that may result from it, but he says that he thinks the Streetscape Project is completely necessary and is willing to go through the construction time.  

He is hopeful that once completed, it will provide a tremendous benefit to Mugshots’ customers, as well as other businesses in the area. 

One of which being Tito’s – which owner, Christopher Burress, says that the construction right now is actually benefiting his business, in a way. 

“So far, construction hasn’t been too bad, only because I feed all of the construction guys. So, it’s nice, but some of my customers can’t park. They can’t find parking spots because of the construction, so it’s kind of 50/50 for me. I mean, hopefully it starts here soon because I can’t wait for the streets to be redone and the roads to be done and it just be pretty down here. I mean, it’s nice down here now, but all of the plants and trees, and flowers coming in it’s going to be great.” 

Christopher Burress – Owner of Tito’s

Construction is a frustration for everyone, whether it’s making your commute to work or running a business amongst it, but overall, the community is ready to see the progress the Streetscape project has to offer.