WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Mayor Glenn Elliott of the City of Wheeling made a statement on Facebook addressing the work that is being put into restoring everything that had been damaged by the storm including possible access to the National Guard.

Mayor Elliott said that based on conversations he had with the local emergency officials and his personal observations from driving through various impacted neighborhoods, the City of Wheeling experienced a historically significant storm event, leaving countless trees and power lines down and doing considerable property damage.

City crews have been out all day assessing the situation and responding as quickly as possible but there are many areas where power lines still remain down.

The statement continued to read that Mayor Elliott has been in close contact with AEP throughout this event, and they have indicated they are bringing 100 additional crews from Virginia to help in the response effort.

He urges people to be careful and assume that any downed power line is charged if you are out and about.

AEP can be reached at 800-852-6942.

He also said that looking ahead, there is a strong likelihood that many portions of the City will remain without power through tomorrow when temperatures are expected to be in the high 90s.

He writes, “We are in the process of coordinating local cooling shelters for people to get out of the heat.” Stay tuned to the official Wheeling, WV City Government page for more information on that.

“We have also initiated the process for requesting a Disaster Declaration from the Office of Governor Justice. If approved, this would provide access to the National Guard for assistance/cleanup efforts. It would also open the door to the possibility of federal emergency assistance,” he wrote.

The Mayor ended the statement by writing that everyone stays safe and tries to stay away from the most impacted areas.