WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The city of Wheeling is enforcing its ordinance banning certain personal fireworks use inside city limits.

***Wheeling Police, Fire Issue Warning on Illegal Fireworks***

City ordinance 1535.01, enacted in 1981, prohibits any firework that propels into the air that is combustible or explosive, flammable or audible. This includes bottle and skyrockets, roman candles, and sky lanterns.

The ordinance does allow the use of certain fireworks within city limits. They include sparklers, fountains, party poppers, snaps, smoke devices, and various non-propellant noisemakers.

“Each year, especially the first week of July, the Wheeling Police Department becomes inundated with fireworks complaints. Thanks to city council’s recent amendment to the fireworks code, anyone who discharges illegal fireworks can face a $500 fine and the seizure of the materials. We are asking everyone to be courteous of others and not ignite these,” said Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger

Although multiple types of fireworks can be purchased following a change in West Virginia state law in 2016, they are still not permitted to be used within the City of Wheeling.

The Wheeling Fire Department also sent out a tweet reminding the public of the fireworks rules.

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