West Virginia line workers from Wheeling assisted after they witnessed a horrific motorcycle crash.

Line workers Tyler Clutter and Jared Straub were in Nashville, TN, driving from East Texas back to Wheeling after helping SWEPCO restore power.

The two say they noticed a motorcyclist entering the highway erratically. After swerving his bike over multiple lanes, the driver lost control, hit a concrete wall, and was launched 30 feet from the point of impact.

“We pulled over, Jared called 9-1-1, and I went to help the guy lying on the ground nearly unconscious,” Clutter said. “I kept trying to keep him awake because he was dozing off.”

Clutter recalls holding the motorist’s bleeding, trembling hand, letting him know someone was with him and help was coming. 

“At one point, I thought he was going to die. I told him to look me in the eyes, stare at me, and think of something happy. I did what I could so he wouldn’t worsen his anxiety.” 

The motorcyclist was taken to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries by airlift.

Clutter and Straub attribute their ability to help the man to their annual First Aid training in Wheeling. 

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before, but it was second nature for Jared and me to pull over,” said Clutter. “We couldn’t leave someone like that.”

Clutter added that the accident opened his eyes to how quickly things can happen on the road. 

“I’m glad we were there because you don’t know what other people would have done – they might have just driven by.” 

7News has reached out to authorities for the condition of the motorcyclist but it it is unknown at this time, stick with 7News for updates.