New details have been released on the Thursday Wheeling Island murder.

Police say they were called to 107 Ohio Street around 9:15 PM after a 911 hang-up was made from the home.

Wheeling Police said when arriving, they identified Jermaine Justin Copeland, 36, a Wheeling Island resident, standing at the intersection of Virginia and Ohio Street with blood on him.

Police say they asked Copeland if it was his blood, but he did not answer.

Copeland then allegedly told police, ‘I think she’s hurt real bad,’ police say they asked who was hurt, and Copeland allegedly said, ‘I’ve said too much.’

Police say Copeland asked if he could walk away and stated, ‘I don’t know if you are really there; I think she’s dead.’

Wheeling PD say they detained Copeland and put him in a police vehicle.

Police then went inside the house and found 47-year-old Shirley Ann Wolfe dead on the floor.

Wheeling police say they observed the area around Wolfe’s left eye, which was either missing or caved in with a large amount of blood around her body.

Police say they also observed a bloody shoe print on Wolfe’s stomach.

Police say they obtained a search warrant for Copeland’s clothing, where they located blood, hair, and possible bone fragment. Police continued to say the hair on the shoe was consistent with Wolfe’s hair.

Copeland was charged with murder in the 1st degree. Copeland was arraigned this morning by Magistrate Patty Murphy without bond.