As work continues on the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, hope remains strong that it may reopen to some level of vehicular traffic.

Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott shared his views on that possibility.

The work going on now is a state project.

It has a price tag of 17.9 million dollars.

It involves electrical, painting and some support cables. The stone piers are actually in good shape.

The mayor hopes we’ll see vehicles on this bridge again, not pedestrians, but he says it will have to be done safely.

Of course, if it does open, it has to be restricted. We don’t want a bus getting on the bridge like before. That’s something I know the DOH is working on, ways to limit access to the bridge. It’s a great way to connect downtown Wheeling to Wheeling Island. I’d like to see it open at least to car traffic. Small cars only, no trucks, no buses, nothing like that.”

Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott

The Suspension Bridge was built in 1849 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was closed in 2019, after a tour bus driver, ignoring the weight limit, drove across the bridge.

The damage from that incident was repaired but this is a separate project.