WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — It is something everyone is wondering. How will they pull off the Main Street Bank Fantasy In Lights Parade?

Event chair Bill Bryson says it starts with changing directions to avoid the torn-up streets.

It will go up Market Street, then near the McLure it will take a left onto 12th, turn onto Main and then onto 20th.

Mapped Parade Route for the Main Street Bank Fantasy In Lights Parade 2022

So, if you are mapping out your best vantage point to see Santa, take this advice.

The key is, if you’re going to bring your chairs, don’t be up by the plaza or over on Capitol Music Hall. There’s no parade up there. It’s going to turn at 12th Street. So, you got to be on Market or 12th or Main in order to see the parade.

Bill Bryson, Chairman of the Fantasy In Lights Parade

Our broadcast of the parade will start at the same time as always: 6:30 p.m.. But 7NEWS will now be stationed at the end of the route.

So, the parade will step off about 10 minutes after 6 p.m.

Over 80 groups are signed up and Bryson says, despite the construction, these changes will make for a better parade all around.