WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The possibility of receiving a grant for a free, live music series in Wheeling is right under our noses, but Wheeling Heritage needs your help to make it happen. 

The Levitt AMP Grant would provide Wheeling with $90,000 over the next three years to produce their own Levitt AMP Outdoor Music Series. 

The top-voted 20 small to mid-sized towns in the country will receive this grant, and Wheeling currently stands in 34th place. 

With our many outdoor concert venues and the city’s emphasis on live music, Alex Panas from Wheeling Heritage says that this grant makes so much sense for Wheeling, but they need your help. 

”We really hope that this gives people a sense of pride in our community, and especially our downtown spaces that don’t get utilized as much. We really want, whether you live downtown or you live in one of the adjacent neighborhoods, to be able to just grab a chair and walk downtown and listen to some really high-caliber, live music on a weekend to make downtown feel like a special, vibrant, and inviting community.“

Alex Panas – Program Manager at Wheeling Heritage

This proposal to bring a free concert series to Market Plaza will begin in 2023 if awarded. 

You only need to vote once, and you can do so by going to vote.levitt.org or text WHEELING to (866)-267-2023. Again, go to levitt.org/vote or text 866-267-2023 with the keyword WHEELING.  

Voting is open now and closes on September 21 at 8 pm.