WHEELING, W.Va. & CHATTANOOGA, TN (WTRF) — Born 13 weeks early, baby Levi was brought into the world at 0.6 of a pound; the smallest baby to ever be admitted into the NICU at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee.   

Levi James Harvey was born into the world by emergency C-Section. It was on week 25 that doctors discovered Rachel’s amniotic fluid was low.

Damon, a former Linsly music teacher, and Rachel Harvey left their new home in Georgia and were rushed to the high-risk pregnancy unit in Chattanooga. There they anxiously wrote on Facebook, for the first time the name of their baby. It was the first of many posts that asked their Wheeling friends to pray for God to intervene.

“His name means harmonious. And we were praying he would work harmoniously with my placenta, which was not functioning like it should.”

Rachel Harvey, Mom

Two weeks were bought, and it was time. Doctors told Rachel for Levi’s viability to survive, he must be one pound/450 grams. 

“And when they delivered him, they were shocked,” said Rachel. “He was only 290 grams which is about 10 ounces, which is about .6 pounds.”  

His gestational growth was only about 21 weeks. That is the smallest ever in Erlanger Hospital. 

“I remember one of the first days, the doctors told me there were like a million boxes we didn’t know Levi would be able to check off, and right now he’s checking them all off.”  

Damon Harvey, Dad

On his short journey, so far, Levi has overcome what some would say is the impossible. His parents call them miracles.  

According to theologians, a miracle is an event that defies natural law with divine agency at the helm.  

“His oxygen needs went from 30 percent to 100 percent. And they only thing that changed is I prayed for him, and I put my hands on him and I prayed in Jesus’ name. And his oxygen needs went back down to 30 percent.”  

Rachel Harvey

All of this begs a very difficult question: Why Levi? Why now? Why this hard, hard battle?

“One of the promises I think that we have,” replied Damon “Is that all of this would happen so the work of God would be displayed on his life.”  

And not to mention, Dean, 3, has yet to meet his very little bro.  

“Scripture that says: How good it is when brothers dwell in unity. And we know Dean is so excited to be a big brother. And we’re like; they can’t dwell together in unity unless Levi comes home. So, he’s coming home.”  

Damon Harvey, Dad

The Harveys have nothing but full hearts. They are thankful for the huge team at the hospital and even the prayerful strangers in churches they do not know.  

The next major hurdle will be the lungs, as doctors will attempt to remove Levi’s breathing tube.  

The Harvey’s ask only for one thing: Pray, pray for the lungs to grow.  

“I’m a big brother, dad,” exclaimed Dean.

The day this story aired was February 23; Levi’s slated due date. He has spent 80 plus days out of the womb and each day another day the Harveys say to God be the glory.  

There is a GoFundMe for the Harveys who continue to face compiling hospital bills and stay costs. If you would like to help, head here.