WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The 4th of July is just right around the corner and folks in the Friendly City are looking to local fireworks stands and they’re looking to put on their own display.

However, officials and the Wheeling Fire Department are giving a friendly reminder that it is illegal to set off certain limits.

A City Ordinance enacted in 1981 forbids the use of any fireworks that propel into the air or are combustible or explosive at the end of the display.

That includes fireworks such as Bottle Rockets, Sky Rockets, or Roman Candles.

Failure to follow the ordinance can result in a five-hundred fine.

The reason for the ordinace is safety. One is that we are worried about embers and things like that falling on rooftopes. If soemthing falls over and you have a small gathering in your backyard and someone and cause injuries. Not onl;y the safety factor is the fact that we have veterans that live in the City that have PTSD that can sometimes be affected by these loud noises as well as folks pets sometimes are affected as well.

Chief Jim Blazier, Fire Chief, City of Wheeling

The ordinance does allow for certain fireworks including sparklers, fountains, smoke devices, and non-propellant noise makers.