On top of the raging storms, and downed powerlines, Wheeling fire fighters had to battle an electrical blaze early this morning.

The Wheeling Fire Department was called to 2141 Market Street around 1:37 a.m. after a downed electrical line caught the rear portion of the building’s roof on fire.

And multiple firefighters were injured.

Wheeling Fire Department Assistant Chief Eric Cianelli said, “Wires down, trees down, trees into wires, trees on houses.” 

To name a few of the calls the Wheeling Fire Department was dealing with last night. 

During an electrical fire call three firefighters were injured.

Two were shocked due to a power issue related to the storm.

A third firefighter was hurt from a fall due to the treacherous conditions. 

Luckily none of their injuries were life threatening.

But the departments job still continued well after the storms passed.

“We have a small crew out cutting trees to get us access to a lot of the secondary roadways,” says Cianelli.

So with all first responders worrying about everything else the Salvation Army knew they could take one thing off their list.

They started making food right out side the city/county building for anyone in need of a meal.

“We’re just happy to serve and we’re thankful to the community for supporting us. You know at Christmas time when we’re dropping money in the red kettles and sending checks to the result. It gives us the funds to be able to do these type of services for our community totally free of charge,” said Mark Vanmeter, Captain Salvation Army Ohio Marshall Counties.

On top of answering call after call. 

Three out of the seven fire stations currently are without power.

“It definitely helps out we can have the crews come through, they can eat and then they don’t have dark today,” said Cianelli.

The Salvation Army says if anyone needs additional assistance or wants to join in you can call 304-233-4400.