With the Wheeling Grecian Festival coming to a close, it is time to say goodbye to all of the gyros and baklava they have been making at St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church over the last few days. 

However, this has been a record-setting year, especially after the challenges they – like all other festivals – have experienced during the pandemic. 

Volunteer, Patty Dunlevy, says that they spend months and months preparing for the Wheeling Grecian Festival, and she is proud of their success and is happy to see everyone’s smiling faces enjoying their food this year. 

“This has been more than usual, even after – even last year, post-COVID. That was a record year, but we’ve had great turnout, even with the couple days of bad weather, people have just been steady all the time. They’re just happy to get out. Everyone is just happy to get out I think.” 

Patty Dunlevy – Grecian Festival Volunteer