Have you had a spooky encounter in a Wheeling building?

The Wheeling Heritage Media team has set out to tell the stories of Wheeling’s haunted homes with their new podcast ‘Wheeling Haunts’.

Every Monday in October, the podcast will detail a historic Wheeling home that has had
supernatural encounters.

This podcast will feature four homes around Wheeling that have a connection to the history of Wheeling. Each episode will include a brief history of the home or area the home is located in by a local historian, along with a ghost story from the owner or resident of the property. The final episode will allow listeners to tell their own stories and encounters.

Listeners can join the Wheeling Haunts VIP Listener Club for $25. This will allow the listener to receive early access to the podcast each week, plus access to exclusive video content, podcast merch, and a special discount at the Wheeling Artisan Shop.

The first episode of ‘Wheeling Haunts’ was released on October 1, and will follow with a new episode released every Monday. This story featured the Phillips-McLure House at 203 South Front Street on Wheeling Island.

Listeners can find the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Weelunk or other podcast streaming platforms. If you have a supernatural experience from a Wheeling home, Wheeling Heritage invites you to tell your own chilling tale for a chance to be featured on an upcoming episode here.