WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — One local organization will soon receive recognition on a national level.

Wheeling Health Right is a fully-integrated medical and dental free clinic that follows a national trend that links dentistry to overall health care.

Jennifer Garvin, a reporter and editor with American Dental Association News, paid a visit to the facility here in Wheeling Tuesday.

ADA News is a national newspaper geared mainly toward dentists, but is also available to dental schools and some members of the general public.

Garvin interviewed a number of patients, as well as staff members, for a future publication that will feature Wheeling Health Right.

“So, we thought that if I came here and talked to the patients, interviewed some people that worked here, wrote a story, took some pictures and just shared the news nationally, that other people might reach out. They might be inspired to do this in their communities.”

Jennifer Garvin, Reporter/Editor, ADA News

We have a population of people who are without jobs or are working two or three jobs. Many of our patients are working poor, so they really can’t afford dental treatment and this becomes their dental home.

Dr. Michael Medovic, American Dental Association

Wheeling Health Right’s dental clinic opened in 2016 and has served hundreds of patients throughout the Ohio Valley.

For more information about Wheeling Health Right, visit their website.