WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Wheeling Heritage is continuing to spruce up the Friendly City with some extra help from entrepreneurs and organizations.

The non-profit is awarding five partnership grants geared toward revitalizing the Friendly City.

The criteria to apply is simple. A local individual, community group, or organization in Wheeling wanting to start or continue a revitalization project can apply.

The project has to be impactful to our community. It also has to involve either historic preservation, community development, arts and culture, or small business development. Each grant is eligible for up to $1,000 for each project.

If you’re thinking about applying, Wheeling Heritage can help.

“If you have a project or idea that you think is revitalizing Wheeling, then reach out to us, have a conversation, we’re more than happy to walk you through the process to make sure you’re presenting the strongest possible application to make sure you receive funding.”

Alex Panas, Program Manager at Wheeling Heritage

Anyone interested can apply at WheelingHeritage.org/grants. You’ll be asked to give a solid outline of your project or idea and provide a budget.

Applications will be accepted through September 30th.