WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Meetings and work continue in the plan to create a life hub for the homeless in Wheeling.

They continue to look at possible locations–either a new build or retro-fitting an existing building.

It will be a 24-7 low barrier shelter, accepting people who may not qualify for help from other agencies–for example, if they don’t have an I.D., or if they have a pet.

“There would be a kennel for those who have pets. Actually, I love animals, so I really love that idea because we have a lot of homeless individuals who have pets that can’t come because their pets are helping them through their trauma to get up and to be somewhat sense of a purpose to wake up for the day.”

Melissa Adams, Wheeling Homeless Liaison

The facility would also have on-site health care especially for those just released from the hospital or with chronic illness.

There would also be a mental health component and help for those with addictions.

The housing authority will be part of the hub, offering step-by-step coaching on how to secure a place to live.

Education will be part of the hub, offering help from the building trades or area colleges.