WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– As community members work toward making the Friendly City more friendly, city officials are doing their part to make it happen.   

Across the nation, the month of June is the celebration of Pride.  

Today at the Wheeling City Council meeting, a proclamation was made to recognize pride here in the Friendly City.   

Mayor Glenn Elliott proclaimed June 10, 2022, “Pride in Wheeling Day.”  

He says the purpose is to encourage citizens to eliminate inequality and unfairness.  

On Friday, Orrick will hold its 6th Annual Pride in Wheeling Day to raise awareness and beautify the city.  

Comity member Nick Roxby says the City of Wheeling has played a huge part in getting this project rolling.   

What we do every year with the Pride in Wheeling comity is we reach out to local organizations within the city and ask them to volunteer their time or some of their money. Necessary to try to beautify the city and go through and actually kind of raise LGBTQ issues within the community.

We will be mostly just behind the Orrick building on the Heritage Trail. We will also be kind of near the Veterans Memorial on the Heritage Trail as well and we will have two different mural projects necessarily available for people to come by. Feel free to participate and paint.

Nick Roxby, Orrick, Pride in Wheeling Comity 

He says they hope this project lets the LGBTQ community know they are welcome here in the Friendly City.  

Partners for this event include the Wheeling’s Park and Recreation Department, The Friendlier City Project, Steptoe & Johnson, Wheeling Arts & Cultural Commission, and NAMI.  

Pride in Wheeling will take place this Friday from 8-5.