WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) With the Powerball jackpot surpassing the billion-dollar mark, they had to change the signs at Neely’s. 

In one case, they had to improvise a B out of several numbers glued together, because there is no “billion” on the signs they are provided. 

This beloved family-owned neighborhood grocery store is well known for its history of selling winning lottery tickets. 

On Monday they were selling at the counter and the drive-through window constantly.

Manager Lance Miller said people are buying more than one Powerball ticket at a time.

He said they’re spending $20, $50 or more when they normally just buy one ticket.

And customers who ordinarily never buy a lottery ticket are buying at least one.

One customer said if he hits the Powerball jackpot, he’ll share his winnings with the employees at Neely’s  because “they’re pretty much like family.”