Local restaurant The Market Vines will be hosting a visit from America’s Best Restaurants in early September 2022.

America’s Best Restaurants, a national marketing company focusing on local, independently-owned restaurants, will bring its ABR Roadshow to the restaurant on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

Popular dishes will be highlighted, along with an extensive on-camera interview with owner Diane Myers about what makes The Market Vines a special place in the Ohio Valley

The episode will be aired extensively on social media channels at a later date. 

Opened by Myers and her husband Greg eleven years ago, the couple had no restaurant experience but ran a nearby wine store called Casa di VIno. “We decided to try our hand at a restaurant. We’ve been here ever since,” notes Diane, who is in the process of training her daughter, Alecia Manning, to take over operations.

“You really have to watch what you serve in this area because people like what they like,” Greg Myers told Lede News in 2020. “People like to sit down to a steak, a baked potato, and a salad, and they like their burgers and their wraps, and that’s why those items are on our menu and why we’ve done pretty well.”

“We’ve been so well received in this valley, it’s almost not real,”  adds Diane.