WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s a tradition for the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra to go on their Celebrate America Fourth of July Tour each Independence Day Weekend, and their final stop is right in their home city. 

They started on Saturday at Weirton, then Canaan Valley, to Clarksburg yesterday and now they have kicked off their final performance at Wheeling’s Heritage Port. 

This year’s special guest soloist is Erica Gabriel from Lexington, Kentucky who will be singing along to the symphony’s patriotic classics, as well as two new songs they have added. 

”It’s such a joy to go all around our state. We go to four different cities every year for this tour. But of course, Wheeling is home. And so, it’s a joy to be here tonight with the thousands of people that love to bring in the July 4th holiday with us – plus fireworks.”

John Devlin – Music Director, Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

We got to see some of those fireworks just a moment ago. 

A fun fact – these professionals are so good that they only have one rehearsal together before their first performance of the tour. 

There are only three orchestras in the whole state of West Virginia and the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra has brought this tradition throughout the state for years.