WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A special prayer service took place in Wheeling Sunday afternoon in support of Ukraine.  

Community members gathered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Catholic Church to pray for peace.  

Ukrainian flags hung in the building and many members wore ribbons to show their support. 

Father Jason Charron says we must cover these people in prayers, and we turn to God to influence the hearts of men.  

Today we have a Molieben service. Molieben is a short prayer, usually to the mother of God, Mary asking for her help and her intercession.

So, we’re praying for, obviously, for Ukraine and for her deliverance from war and oppression. You see the evil that’s unfolding on people who are who are innocent, but at the same time you see the tidal wave of goodness and mercy that has really enveloped a whole nation of people.

Father Jason Charron, Pastor, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Catholic Church 

He says it is important that people are informed about what is happening overseas and he saw it firsthand.

West Virginia priest helped rescue 22 Ukrainian orphans  

Following the service, Father Charron spoke about his recent experience traveling to Ukraine to help rescue 22 orphans and seven refugees.