Wheeling’s city flag has been chosen as one of the top 25 flag designs in the nation by the North American Vexillology Association.

The flag was created in 2019 for the friendly city’s 250th birthday.

“Simple and elegant”: Wheeling mayor praises designers of city’s award-winning flag

The three designers—Erin Rothenbuhler, Travis Henline and  Jay Frey–did their homework on what a good flag design entails.

They learned it’s supposed to be aesthetically attractive, with each element meaning something specific.

“There’s a blue bar at the top and the bottom of the flag and a white bar in the middle,” said Jay Frey, chairman of the Wheeling 250 Committee. “They represent river, road and rail. Transportation, as we all know, was a very important driver of Wheeling’s prosperity and prominence in the nation and in history. And the five stars represent the five eras in our city’s history.”

He said the five eras are the indigenous people, settlement of the area, transportation, statehood and industry.

Frey said a good flag should have no words on it.

It’s meant to prompt people to be intrigued about what each element represents.

Wheeling flags are available now at the Artisan Center Shop at 1400 Main Street, Wheeling.

The honor from the NAVA came as a surprise to the flag’s designers, who had no idea their creation was in the running.

More than 300 city flags were involved.