OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – As repairs continue on the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, one question remains. When the project is complete….will vehicles be allowed back on?

The bridge was closed indefinitely back in 2019 after a series of incidents involving heavy vehicles ignoring the posted weight limits.

Engineer Tony Clark with the West Virginia Division of Highways says that upper management views the Suspension Bridge as an icon, both for the city of Wheeling and West Virginia, and they want to maintain it for future generations.

“I don’t know that the decision has been made as to whether or not vehicular traffic can safely be on the bridge but I’m confident that decision will be made prior to the end of the project and we’ll convey that decision whenever it happens.”

Tony Clark, Engineer, West Virginia Division of Highways

The entire project to repair, stabilize, paint and light the bridge cost 17 million dollars. Work is expected to be complete in July.